Welcome to Lace Pickups Prewired Pickguard Custom Shop! Design your own pickguard and we will build it and wire it up. All you have to do is drop it in, connect three wires and you are ready to go! Most orders are completed in 4-7 business days.

Pickguards are made in the USA using 100% American spec components often found in today's higher end American Stratocasters®. Including American switches,  CTS potentiometers, high quality components and many other options to customize and modify your own pickguard.

In addition, you'll find our pickguard setups drop right in and fit perfectly into 11 hole American Stratocasters® (post 1964) and Mexican Stratocasters® (post 2002).

Choose from:

  • Pickup Model
  • Pickguard Color
  • Pickup Color
  • Knobs & Switch Tip Color
  • Switching
  • Capacitor Type
  • Fender TBX Option
  • Wire Type
  • Screw Color 

Here is some additional info about the options available.


We offer traditional 5 way switching as well as 7 way via mini toggle or a push/pull switch.

7 way switching includes traditional 5 way switching plus:

  • neck/bridge 
  • neck/middle/bridge


Capacitor Type 

There are many capacitors on the market with an equal number of theories concerning their effectiveness. Based on our experience every little component adds its own flavor and capacitors are no different.

  • Orange Drop - Great general capacitor. Slightly brighter tone with good transparency.
  • Yellow Mustard - Very good and often preferred amongst many luthiers for its transparent qualities. 
  • Oil - Great tonal capacitor. Qualities are often referred to as creamy or smooth in response. 


Capacitor Rating

Generally speaking, a lower rated cap at .022 uf will yield a brighter tone as it rolls off, preventing mids and bass frequencies from coming through. Conversely, a higher rated cap at .047 uf will allow more mids and bass frequency to pass through the signal chain yielding more mids in the tonal response which can create a fuller tone. Traditional Stratocasters® use .022 uf capacitors.


Fender TBX Tone Control 

Fender Treble Bass Expander offers the guitar player an increased opportunity to explore tonal variety. This tone potentiometer is wired to allow the middle and bridge settings an increased range of treble and bass settings allowing the player to dial in their favorite or even explore at this position. The potentiometer has a center node to show the player where the "zero" or home center position is.


Treble Bleed Kit

It has often been said that when you roll back your guitars volume that the treble tends to bleed and the tone becomes darker. The remedy is a treble bleed or volume mod kit. This keeps the guitars brightness as your roll back your volume. However, conversely, some players feel that it makes the guitar too bright overall. For every benefit, there is a side effect.

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Lace Sensor Design Shop - Build Your Own Loaded Prewired Pickguard

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